Welcome To Play4A!
Play4A is an online learning website for teachers, home-schoolers, and children. It differs from other online learning game websites because it provides a classroom-centric environment; one where teachers control what their students are learning at any given time, and where students can play and compete with their fellow classmates while practicing skills that are being learned in the classroom. This results in a fun social environment for children and a great way for teachers to ensure their students are learning classroom materials.

Marc Orenberg, the owner of Kasteris, starting writing computer learning games for himself as a teenager, mostly to remember his Spanish vocabulary words. At 45, he still remembers his Spanish thanks to these games. It was the memory of this positive learning experience that led to the development of Play4A.

Kasteris Corporation has been around since the year 2007 and develops web applications, mostly for businesses. But Marc and the rest of Kasteris Corp are especially proud of Play4A, and we sincerely hope it will make a difference in the lives of students and teachers alike.